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The French team has become a two-time world champion in football, having beaten Croatia in the 2018 World Cup final and repeated the success of 1998.

First half

Croatia started the match confidently, taking control of the ball and for the first 15 minutes they haven’t let France go to their net. Unfortunately for the Croats, this little luck turned into a total failure soon.

The first moment of Croatian bad luck in the match led to a goal against Subasic. Then Mandzukic directed the ball into their own net. Although Perisic was able to level the score. However, the ball fell into the hand of Perisic, the referee watched the video replay and appointed a penalty, which was performed by Griezmann.

Second half

The beginning of the second half was very spectacular. Croats continued to actively move forward, but the French did not lag behind. If in the first half, they scored only one goal, in the second half, Subasic had to work not less than Lloris. Pogba and Mbappe scored two more goals for France and seemed to relax feeling confidently with 4:1 score. However, the Croats and Mandzukic himself did his best and gained one more goal for his team.

Croatia did not give up. The team attacked up to the last minute, but their game was probably affected by the fact that the Croats played matches for 120 minutes each at all three previous stages. There were good opportunities for Rakitic, Mandzukic and Perisic, but the audience haven’t seen any goals anymore.